Special animals started up because of our interest in many unusual animals.


Approx. 8 years ago we tried to buy our first Donkey . Something which was not very easy because much animals were treated badly or were in a bad condition, especially the hooves could be a very big problem because the damage  inside can be much worse than we can only see on the outside, because of too late maintenance of the hooves  and don´t forget the wormingregime , it is important that donkey´s are wormed at a regular bas , but many people forget to do this.  The donkey will end up with a bad condition of the coat.  


We found a nice couple of donkey´s and started breeding . One year later we bought a couple of Lama´s , Gunaco´s and several scheep. Soon they were followed up with Shetlanders and horses , the animals got youngstock and we needed to sell some. From that moment on the tradingpart started .lamaveulen1.jpg


Trading on a healthy way , because not the Money was important, but to buy  healthy and sound animals , to breed them and to sell them again .

Now ,8 years later , we hope that we can show the rest of the world our hobby and to give them the opportunity to buy and sell healthy  and sound animals.
This was the mainreason to start this website : Specialanimals .nl

If you have some special animals available which are healthy and sound and you want to sell them to other parts of the worid where they are not very common , than please inform us through the contactform or give us a call.

If you have some other questions,  than please let us know it . You can fill in the contactform or just give us a call .

We will not only help you to get a chance to buy the Special animals,
we are also here to give you the right advise about your animals.